Carbon Aware Computing

Execute computing tasks when the grid is powered by renewable energy.

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Provide developers with hassle free, easy to use, ready to run tools for Carbon Aware Computing

Get tools to forecast the best execution time for tasks to minimize carbon emissions. All libraries and data are open source & open data with unrestricted usage within personal, open source and commercial software.

Time Shifting, Demand Shifting

The basic idea behind the time shifting approach is moving the computing load into a point in time when the power grid has a maximum of renewable energy. This will result in a lower emission of CO2 of your computing task.

In addition to energy and hardware efficiency, carbon efficiency is one of the most important principles of green software development, like the Energiewende. Energy is used when it is available from renewables. We shift the energy demand to a point in time when the carbon intensity of the grid is lower. To do this we need forecast data and some libs to calculate the appropriate execution window.


Libraries & services

A set of packages for .NET, public forecast Web-API and access to the forecast json formatted files.

For more details, download and usage check the GitHub Repository.

This project delivers a set of libraries, services and data. They are mostly extensions to other projects and all credits belong to them. To forecast the best execution time the Carbon Aware SDK from the Green Software Foundation is used; the forecast data is from Energy Charts provided by Frauenhofer ISE.

Use the NuGet-Package for your .NET project to get the optimal execution time for a task, in a given time slot, for a estimated duration. The lib will calculate the best execution time within the provided forecast data.

Install-Package CarbonAwareComputing.ExecutionForecast

var provider = new CarbonAwareDataProviderOpenData();
var forecast = provider.CalculateBestExecutionTime(
    DateTimeOffset.Now + TimeSpan.FromHours(8),
var executionTime = forecast.Match(
    noForecast =>
        Console.WriteLine("No forecast. Use fallback");
        return DateTimeOffset.Now;
    bestExecutionTime =>
        return bestExecutionTime.ExecutionTime;

We provide a live and ready to use subset of the Carbon Aware SDK. The API is available at Use the Swagger UI to play around with the API.

To use the API, you must register to the service by submitting a valid email address. Please check the register endpoint in the Swagger UI. The API-Key is sent to this email.

We will use this address only to inform you about important changes to the service.

For more details check the GitHub Repository.

Use a PowerShell Cmdlet in automation scripts to forecast the beste execution time.

The module is available from PowerShell Gallery.

Install-Module -Name CarbonAwareComputing
See the GitHub Repository for more details.

Hangfire is one of the most used tools for background processing in .NET. Use the Hangfire.Community.CarbonAwareExecution Extension to enqueue and schedule your jobs.

Install-Package Hangfire.Community.CarbonAwareExecution

builder.Services.AddHangfireCarbonAwareExecution(configuration => configuration.
    new CarbonAwareDataProviderOpenData(), 

We have fork the Carbon Aware SDK and provide the SDK as a NuGet-Package. The fork has also some additions for cached data provider. You may use this package for your extensions.

The unofficial Carbon Aware SDK is available from

Install-Package GSF.CarbonAware.Unofficial

Open Data

The forecast data for Europe (without UK) is gathered from Energy Charts provided by Frauenhofer ISE. It is licensed as CC0. You may use it for any purpose without any credits.

The forecast data for United Kingdom is gathered from UK National Grid ESO. It is licensed as CC BY 4.0 DEED. See terms of usage

The forecast data is available as json formatted files, separated for every single location. The files are directly consumable by the Carbon Aware SDK. For more details and download instructions check the GitHub Repository.

The forecast data for Europe (without UK) is based on reported energy production (current) and forecast production for Wind (on-shore & off-shore) and Solar. There are publicly available from the ENTSO-E Transparency Platform maintained by the power grid Transmission System Operators (TSO). For the additional renewable energy sources like running water or biomass, the forecast is calculated as an interpolation of the last hours.

We support all European countries. To avoid unnecessary computation, not all are active. Currently we provide data for Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. If you have a need for some other countries, please contact us. We will activate that country.


Every contribution is warmly welcomed.

You may contribute to forecast data for other regions than Europe or help to integrate time shifting in other popular processing systems and libraries. Migration to other programming languages and runtime systems is very efficacious as well. Please drop a message to to get in touch.

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This project is founded, supported and maintained by bluehands.

Other companies & NGOs are welcomed.